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AROSOL -Ranked No. 1 Manufacturer of Herbal Veterinary Products in National and International market for our:-

» Product Quality

We follow the best standardize quality norms to ensure the best quality product which is produced. Our quality is our reputation, our Business, our Carrier and Progress.

» Product Stability:

We trust in stable business policies for smooth and life long business relationship. The market we enter, we are always stable in that market. We never make any temporary deals. Our policies are very fair with all people deal with us.

» Pricing

We have the clear system of our products pricing. We just charge the minimum prices on our production cost with the buyers. We trust on offering the lowest prices with high volumes of business. We are sure for the prices and aims the satisfaction of consumer for their worth buying of our product. Consumers must feel high benefits and low expenditure after using our products

» Technical Support

We provide all type of technical support for the marketing and product registration to all buyers and users of our products. All kind of documentation related to Product Dossiers, Technical files related manufacturing process and their testing, Product presentations and their clinical studies for marketing. Our team of technical people is always ready to provide all kind of support for marketing of our products.

» Existence in Market

We have an existence in almost all parts of the World and we are growing every year with more and more of new customer, importers, dealers and sellers of our products.

» Product Development

We have a regular process of product development to support our customers and to serve farmers and users with better way with more advanced products. Our R&D team is aggressive to take care of product development as their prime work and conduct sufficient Product trials in various farms to launch the product.

We are the Fastest Growing Company in Veterinary Sector and Targets to be the No. 1 Company for Animal Health Products. With high emphasis on quality and purity, we manufacture a comprehensive range of animal health, growth and productivity products.


Arosol Chemicals Private Limited




Company has the good infrastructure in terms of Land, building, Machinery, Man powder & other operational infrastructure for producing its products. The factory is situated in the Heart of the Saharanpur City at the most developing Road called Saharanpur-Delhi National Highway. The factory is equipped with quality and standardized machinery for its Powder, Liquid, Tablets, Ointments, Capsules, Aerosol Divisions. The qualified technical staff is imposed to check and control the process of production at each step. Separate rooms and Halls are constructed for each division keeping the correct dimensions in mind to produce quality and well processed products. Adequate labors are available to handle the production process who are well trained and complies with the Hygiene norms stated as per the GMP & ISO norms.


The Company has an effective marketing network in the country. It has been patronized by a number of worthy customers in almost all the states of the country.
The products are being marketed in most parts of Asia, several European, America & African Countries as well. The products are being field Tested in various World Famous Institutes, Schools & Universities for Cattle, Swine and Poultry. Other various laboratories have conducted biological trials on the animals. The products have been found effective and up to the mark with efficacious results. We have the well qualified and well known distributors in each country who have good relations with all wholesalers, Veterinarians, consultants & Farmers. They are trained to provide the proper feed back to our customers to prove them the utility of the products.


Finance is controlled by the Finance Head who has 5 subordinates to maintain the accounts at the companies Head Office in Saharanpur. All of them are given the separate responsibilities to manage the operations through the Head Office. Other several Accountants and employees are deputed at various regional offices to manage the sales and other accounts and provide the final reporting to the Head Office. The finance division of the company if strong enough to handle any kind of situation to run the organization. Company have very good reputation among suppliers and in market where they can generate any quantities of goods or services any time from the market.


Separate purchase managers are deputed to purchase the goods at the best prices and with considering all the factors including raw material quality, supply schedule, payment conditions & credibility of the suppliers. These factors are very important for Arosol to make the further commitment to their customers.



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