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» Herbal Methionine / Natural Methionine

METHORGANIC is the natural alternate to dl-Methionine which is the combination of those plants which have same mechanism of action in the body as of the synthetic dl-methionine. The product makes the replacement in the same ratio 1:1 and is more bio-available in the blood serum; the product is more heat stable and the perfect compound for the Pellet and mesh Feed. It is more economical to the farmers and makes the production more profitable. The price structure of Herbal methionine is mostly stable, it do not make the regular fluctuations which helps farmers and feed manufacturers to make the stable costings of their products and productions.

Nature has provided Methionine to plants as dipeptides and oligopeptides along with its precursors and intermediates to facilitate optimum biosynthesis of methionine, as per birds needs. Herbs also have enzymes required for conversion of methionine into S-Adenosyl Methionine (SAM) which is Active Methionine Herbal Methionine as researched based formulation contains bioactive natural methionine in free as well as conjugated dipeptide and oligopeptide forms. Herbal Methionine contains the precursors and intermediates of methionine, folic acid. It acts as a methyl donor and prevent excess fat buildup in the liver.

Methionine is first limiting amino acid in poultry diets and very essential for all vital biological functions of birds. It may donate sulfur groups, methyl groups or serve as a building block of proteins. Methionine participates in transmethylation reaction where amino acids are metabolized to form energy.

Benefits : Why METHORGANIC? : Indications : Dosage : Replace the usage of Herbal Methionine against synthetic dl-Methionine in the same ration 1:1.
E.g. If farm uses 1kg dl-Methionine in each ton of feed then he must use same 1kg of herbal Methionine in 1 ton of feed without using any quantity of synthetic Methionine, it will give the same results with better economics.
Presentation :1 Kg, 20kg, 25 kg

» Herbal Lysine / Natural Lysine

HERO LYSINE is the blend of the important liver stimulant herbs which plays the role of the same action in the body as the functions performed by the l-lysine. The organic lysine makes the complete replacement of 1:1. Indications : Feeding Ratio Presentation : 1 Kg, 25 kg

» Herbal Choline / Natural Choline

CHOLINE-H POWDER is a Natural source of 100% Assimiable Herbal Choline & Biotin. The product is the organic source to replace the usage of synthetic Choline Chloride. A price effective and the bioavailable source phospholipids.

Choline & Biotin is very essential nutrients for the poultry birds, which plays crucial role in normal development, growth, health and production.

Choline is a member of the B-complex group and essential part of molecular structure of Phospholipids, which regulates the mobilization of fat in the body. It plays an important role in many physiological processes and even for formation of Methionine.

Biotin is used in cell growth, production of fatty acid, metabolism of fats & proteins.

Benefits : Why Choline-H? :

Feed Ratio : 500 gms-1Kg / M. Ton of Feed can replace 1 Kg of synthetic Choline chloride and 150mg of biotin.

Presentation : 1 Kg Pack,20 Kg Pack & 25 Kg Pack



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